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Workshops & Training

In-home Workshops 

Grab up to 20 of your friends to spend 2.5 hours learning some tips and tricks to becoming an ask-able adult. Designed to be a fun evening or afternoon of learning with you and your friends, this relaxed and customized workshop has plenty of opportunities to practice with real world situations and have all your questions answered!

(Just don't forget the wine...)

Each workshop is designed to meet the needs of the group. Participants have the opportunity to learn about talking to young people around the following topic areas:

  • Consent and bodily autonomy

  • Sexual orientation

  • Contraception Methods 

  • STI prevention

  • Sexual Identity and transgender individuals

  • Reproductive health services

  • Abortion

  • Gender Identity

  • Gender Stereotypes

  • Sexual health myth busting

$500/2.5 hour session

Purchase Alison's Book,
Making Sense of It: A Guide to Sex for Teens (and Their Parents, Too!)

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