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Meet Alison


Alison Macklin, MSW


I am a national leader in the comprehensive sex education field for almost 17 years. As a consultant, it is my goal to ensure I am supporting young people as they develop. I do this through working with the two major systems they are in engaged in as they develop: families and the educational system.

When I work with family systems, I help parents and guardians have open and honest conversations with the young people in their lives about sex. I help adults ensure their messages are developmentally appropriate and help them identify and capitalize upon  teachable moments. In 2018, I authored my first book for teens and their parents about sexuality: Making Sense of It: A Guide to Sex for Teens (and Their Parents Too!)  because I firmly believe – and know from research – that young people want to talk about sexuality with their parents, but sometimes we all need a little help.

My work in educational systems is twofold: legislative policy creation and implementation of laws, policies and procedures. Nationally, I provide strategic guidance in passing sex education legislation in multiple states as well as at the federal level. Additionally, I work with school systems and youth serving organizations providing technical assistance in the form of analyzing and assessing existing systems helping to develop and evolve policies and chose curriculum that meets state and national sex education learning standards. 

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