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Creating Change in Education Systems


The social structures with which our young people engage must be inclusive and based in equity. Research shows that comprehensive sex education, when taught in a developmentally appropriate way, using science and consent at its foundation, is the key to a more tolerant and accepting society and individual social-emotional well being.

As the Chief Strategist and Technical Assistant, Alison works to help draft and pass legislation, execute existing legislation, and support school systems as they work to meet the education standards and law. 

Books On Shelf

Strategic Planning

Innovative ideas to help communities create positive social change

Alison has helped various organizations and coalitions develop strategic plans to achieve their legislative priorities.

Skilled in research, communication, relationship building and change management processes, her innovative and collaborative leadership style helps make positive social change a reality. 

Classroom Lecture

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance for schools implementing sex education

Systemic change is multilayered and complex. It takes a thoughtful, strategic approach and thoroughly detailed plan to ensure that curriculum, training, support systems, and evaluation are in sync. 

Alison works hand in hand with schools and organizations, wherever they are in their process. Using her knowledge and experience about what works ensures existing systems are prepared with a thorough and thoughtful process for implementing sex education. 

Purchase Alison's Book,
Making Sense of It: A Guide to Sex for Teens (and Their Parents, Too!)

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